Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Militant Society

Once Upon a time when the world was more or less happy and laws were only there to keep people safe every one was happy.
One day, something changed in the world, something was amiss. People felt it and it was only noted by One and Other "I rememember when foods was bigger" said One "Don'ts be daft," said Other " foods always be d' same, It's just you've groaned up and you're 'ands is bigger!". One was definitely sure that the waggon wheel had gone down "What about dis Waggon Wheel dens? It's definit'ly smaller" said One " Dat's becuz someone let the air out" Other said. One looked puzzled "How do you let the air out of choc'lat'?" questioned One "Is dat d' same for me Wispa?" Other nodded, "Looks, I aints stupids, I can understand if they have put more hair ins but nots to take it out" One debated, "That's so's you have to buys it back for extra" the Other explained, "Hmm... that explains fat reduced and fat free products!!" One realized "Yes that's whys they charge you pay extras for milk, yogurts and cheese!" "That and the fact that they want to cuts down on obeseity" Other added "But I wants to choose whether I want to be fats or skinny!"complained One " Well you can't, your mind has been made up for you so lets just leave it at that"

Unfortunately things, just went from bad to worse, people started copying and pasting themselves onto one another (for arguements sake, people were becoming less of themselves and more of each other) this was because people were sick and tired of falling out with each other,no one could accept people as an individual and kept getting into fights and generally ending up in hospital. People were taught how to dress, talk, walk and act like one another, the world seemed to become darker. eventually everyone just gave up and joined one religion so no one would had to argue or fight about it. the world became darker still...

By now you ask "Poor people, how can it get any worse"? Honestly, you should never ask how can it get any worse due to safety reason...
No where was safe. Everyone was being watched by CCTV, phones were being checked and monitored, letters were gone through then resealed, the internet was being also monitored to check and collected information
Everyone was settling in to their dreary lives, they were sick of looking at themselves but they were coping.
"Looks at me" said One "What D' hell you wearings?!" exclaimed Other questionably, "It's some kind of sequined shirt"One told him, "With a zip up the back?" asked Other "Yes!" shouted one "And pink?"asked Other "Yes!" "Well... just as long as you know," "...You're wearing a dress" Other mumbled " Look, you can'ts wear that arounds here" Other told One " Why nots?!" screamed One "Because you're nots allowed" Other explained "Nots so loud? Why whoses gonna hear?"Said One frustrated. Other could see that he wasn't getting through, like he couldn't get through to Currys. "You're nots allowed to wears it because..." Other had to think " Its far too pretty for a place like this..." One looked around " I supposes your right, it far too glamorous to bees here"

Else where secret societys of people were meeting up, these societies taught people how to be themselves, even though people were dressed, walked and acted the same in secret they could be who ever they want to be mainly an individual. It was nice that these society encouraged people to be themselves and not to plaigerise each other. It was okay for the person to like what someone else like as long as the actually liked it and not because their mate did.
Everthing was going well until Political Correctness showed it's ugily head One said "What do we do now?" "There's nots much we cans do at the moment, all the fun has been taken out of ieverything" said Other "I'm boredes can we go watch some telly?" asked one " whats is there to watch? There's only educational programses on and alls the funs been removed now we have How to be a better citizen, the proper PC way...because sooooooos manys peoples have complaineded, they took alls the brilliant, cleverist writings off in cases theys offendeds someones..." said Other "All because of those miserable, miserable ba...""Oh, look a cat..."Said One
"Awe, it's one of dem fat," someone coughed "..ginger..." cough again "...ones..." " I'm sorry but I couldn't help overhearing you're convosation lad, and you're going to have to cough up one thousand pound" said the officer "Sorry," said One "I'm a little short..." "One thousand five hundred and an extra grand for wearing what you want"

And that's how the world ended up. No one spoke to anyone, T.V, radio, Phones, and the internet were abolished. Those who had the money could talk, but were limited to what they could say. Every one was everyone else. The underground societies continued their work, although there were few left, to help people to be themselves. Why would such a thing happen to our world?... Because some people don't have a sense of humour, some people just couldn't let it drop, some were easily offended and some got a kick out of complaining...So in the end we brought this upon ourselves, The only ones we can ourselves

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Censorship and whingers

I know that I have mentioned censorship before but I'm going to mention it again. Fair is fair where the media is concerned, we have to be very careful what we put on TV radio etc where children are concerned,saying that, have you heard what some kids are coming out with these days?! What about us adults? If a film is shown after 9, 10pm it should be shown as a whole and not chop out half of the scenes due to the content. What I'm talking about is the likes of Channel 4, when they showed Silent Hill which was on around 10 PM some of the scenes were heavily edited, and Channel 5 Recently Tim Burtons Sweeney Todd, again, on around 9PM on Channel five. My mate said it was rubbish due to not much really happening, too much singing and not enough dialogue. I told him about various scenes, mainly about the bloody parts, and he replied that you saw a little bit of blood, then they went to a break, when they came back Toby (the boy) was singing about protecting her, then he was locked in the cellar, (break), the end. Surprisingly BBC 3 showed Kill Bill around 4 times (3rd and 4th time edited) and showed Sin City in it entireity. And on that subject ,the BBC 3 not that I'm complaining more of just an example Air shows like Two Pints Of Larger And a Packet of Crisps etc which contains strong language and strong vulgar sexual content and suggestions (which is quite funny)
And do you know what stuff like this is due to? Whingers. Those people who complain about things they have seen and it offended them or they will be mentally scarred for life. Alot is to do with the old people and "caring" people, people who think they are working for the sake of others. Some maybe religious people who believe that there are things that we shouldn't see or not supposed to see,as it is evil at work, and they maybe right. Give us a choice to watch and to watch it in full, let us make up our own minds, for our own sake and the sake of producers, script writers and directors etc.
Imagine the scenario, you're about to watch a film that's on TV and everyone is telling you how good it is, how scarey it is, how action pact with Scenes of a sexual nature. The film comes on, you watch it and nothing barely happens (because it's been extremely cut) and you say what a load freaking shi-ingles... you tell your friend how bad the movie is, they tell their mates now the next filmthat is written by these people and other isn't going to be greatly received. Anyone remember Hammer House Horrors were they not scarey and bloody? and they were shown on TV. One thing that gets me is; it seems that the slightist little thing that comes on that seems out of place is complained about, are these people bored? As we all know but forget it we have a choice we can choose not to watch it we have the power (with the remote to turn it over) or to switch it off!!
The other thing that's puzzling me is what is the Censors Office? The BBFC rate a film 15, the CO rate it 18. BBFC rate a film 18 and the CO might rate it that or 15. A film rated PG by the BBFC might be rated 12. Hopefully you'll understand what I'm talking about and confusing the hell out of some parents...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Speak English! A Commu(ity)cation Breakdown...

Dis time I's gonna put me blog into "street talk", sort of. It's to show you's what Emma Thomson was on about. cuz she ses dat dis kinda talk makes intel...intell... inter electrical peeple sound fik. Da problem now adays is dat you hav t' keep up wivs da lingo or peeple that dere's somthin wrong wiv you, if you's talking propa like. Da only fing wrong wid dis id dat peeple c'n finds it hard to employ you cuz they don't undastand wat you's is on about. I fink dat tex'in is making fings worser, cuz no wuns havin' a propa conversation(ow! Dat hurt!) no one is having one of those, cuz they've sed what they'z gonna say like. I fink fings things like eastenders donts helps cuz not everyone speaks like dat (I don't fink)in certain parts....
Da ova issue is once you starts to speak like dis it is very hard to get out of. Sometims it ends up comin' out in you's work like, so you get marks knocked of f'r spellin 'n' 'at rite? T' some peeple it c'n be a rite kick in da groins. Dat's coz it reely duz knock you's confidence cuz I's nose a few people who a problem in fillin in things like apillication forums 'n' dont's no wat it's all about or wat's being asked.
Me's not taking the piss 'm trying to show wat's dialogue (probably ) lucks like. Whens we rites fings down, we's see fings from anova lite or notha prospective. I's just likes ova peeple to fink fing thru, espically when they's really impotent (important) documentaries such as job appilications, benefit forearms cousil taxis and Bills. I knows pupils dont's like scool or collages but it's where you're main basic language comes from.
Da main problem iz when we dont's learn whens we finish school, den wivin a few years we's forgots wat we learn. if we dont's re-learn fings wat we learned faded away, Most of it, so wees can't rememba how to spell or do our maffs. Dis is baaaad, as dis becomes a problem, so wees starts to take our anger out on others.
Wats also gets me angry is whens people gets fings wrong, struggle wiv it or doesn't know, peeples calls others thick, thats c'n make me mad. as some people mite hav t' Miss school because they's got physical or mental problems or cud be looking afta a relative. No-one shud eva be called thik,stupid as this c'n make them angry, frustrated and affect dem l8r on in life finkin"I's no good, I's must be what dey say or why wud dey say it?" (Depression, anxiety, worry stress family probs, lack of sleep, overworked not eating well, egotisical people, people who may be jealous of what you have or what you can do. To name a few.)
So's if you's forgot somfink (altho a bit embarassin') asks or gets bucks on it. It's not "swatting" its learning life essensials.

very interesting work. Check for spelling and grandma
see me after class...
Mr Cabbages

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Stop being stupid people!

Idiots, it's true, we are all idiots! What I'm talking about is the stupid things people do and want to achieve. Take scientist for example the want to build robots. Robots?!... Look at the problems that we are having with technology already. Here's a shortish list:

  1. Everyone who knows about computers may agree with this, computers mess up even if drivers are up to date. Error messages keep occurring from time to time. Crashes! my god! the crashes! Networks break down and you lose valuble data.there maybe a hint toward that later on and in the future.
  2. The "oops I've just touched a circuit board without de-staticizing (removing any static from the body) and found that I've just blown the chips on it and now it doesn't work"... Wonder why...
  3. HD TVs: As good as they are visual wise still hear about "stuck pixels" "clouding" poor workmanship, dead TV ( by the way that's not a film...yet. Then again, isn't TV dead already? Lol!) power issues etc.
  4. PS3 (yellow) Xbox 360 (red) ring of death. Memory cards (PS3, I think) being erased by magnets (so I've heard) Power packs overheating and setting on fire.
  5. Companies pushing more power through micro chips that are lower than the voltage they are trying to push through. Eg putting 12 volts through a 2 volt chip .
  6. Phones (apparently) frying the brain (Like Facebook and the like) as well as phones exploding.
  7. Rollercoasters and other rides breaking down.
  8. The car in front with the accelerator stuck down is a Toyato.
  9. Accidents with machinery.
  10. Machines making things unsafe (re calls)
    And they want to build robots which could fail end up malfunctioning harming or killing someone just because it got confused, hacked or infected with a virus (check out I Robot, Westworld. Lets get the technology sorted in the present and once everything is working constantly more effectively and efficiently

    If there is anymore, send me a comment I will add it to the list.

    Cloning? do we actually know what we are doing? Creating random body parts, creating animals which will be tested on. There was a sheep and a cat. Even though these creatures are cloned is it fair to experiment on them? Dinosaurs, they wanted to clone dinosaurs. Could you image them escaping and running through your town? people are worried about foxes coming in through an open window or door, in many cases foxes have scurried away do you think that dinosaurs are just going to run off because someone shoos them away or scares them with a brush?
    On the subject of foxes, people keep on about how terrified the were over seeing someone or some pet being attacked by one. When you read about them in the paper what does the person usually say "I left the window open or I left the door open" and these attack are usually at night. I think by doing something stupid like leaving the door or window open my concern would be more burglars coming in. People whinge and say "They are horrible, violent creatures and they should bring back fox hunting". If you were to ask a fox (imagine they could speak) they'd say "we're not really to blame, the humans cut down our homes so all our food that used to live in the forest, doesn't anymore, and food is scarce. we hear many complaints that the humans are wasting large amounts of food, so why shouldn't we have it? Waste not want not eh? The humans are quite stupid on thinking it's a good idea to keep feeding us and trying to keep us as pets.we are wild creatures! Basically no home, no food what are we supposed to do especially when you have a lot of kids to feed, it ain't easy I can tell you!"

    Work: People work themselves to death, literally, and for what who's going to remember what folks did. people wear others into the ground for nothing. If you are ill they still n want you come in. that's great, give everyone else the illness if they do have a haert then they let you stay at home only to take it off your "sick days" have too many days off, and these could be perfectly logical explanations "you're ill, the cars broken, maybe the kids needed medical attention" All they're interested in is finding some other sucker, er, I mean Employee to replace you.
    It's Like when people rush around for others Why? When people rush they make mistakes. They could leave doors unlocked, leave the cooker, iron, fire, heater on so if their house sets on fire or gets burgled who they gonna blame? You or someone else! It's never the persons fault it always has to be someone elses. people rush for the bus, nearly getting run over to get on it. is nearly risking your life worth getting to the bus. many people would argue it is "I have to get to work", "I have to get to a relatives" " I can't miss my appointment" you can reorganize scheduals and appointments, try to get out earlier so you don't have to rush. Rushing Isn't worth it! Life too fast as it is take a chance to slow down abit...

    Being Lead: alot of people are always being led by someone else not having an opinion or mind of there own. Sales people love these kind of people they can sell them anything tell them anything. If some one takes something back sales people say "That's how it supposed to work", "Sorry no refunds", "It's in the small print" and alot of people just say "Okay, fair enough" but I say yes you do have rights, be assertive about stuff this means not being passive (accepting crap what they say) or aggresive ( as this won't only get you kicked out, band from the store, it'll make customers feel afraid and upset and the store won't accept this kind of behaviour) As long as you have your reciept, which is in date and the item which is faulty, and owned by you, you have the right to a refund or exchange. We all love deals, but somtimes places encourage you to think "we're the only place that you need to go, we are the cheapest on (what ever they are selling)." Wrong! Don't be afraid to have a shop around, you might actually surprise you're self on how much you saved. Those of a couple of companies followers might actually kick themselves, very hard, when they realize they could of saved money too. Be decent and respectful to staff members who knows what you may get. Staff maybe more helpful and assist you more, recommend stuff, save stuff etc. Now Staff members, If a customer is being disrespectful and aggressive, you could make thing harder for these people ask for ID on age restricted products, spend a bit of time in the back looking for their product, when it's right in front of you, ask for change, take a while to see if something's in etc.
    All I'm saying this week is, think for yourself, don't let anyone else make your opinions, decisions how to talk dress what to like not like for you are an individual. Seriously be yourself and not a clone of someone else.

      Monday, 20 September 2010

      HD Or 3D TV To Be?...

      High Definition is great isn't it? Great picture good for the eyes... But what about the ammount of stress and pressure that is put upon set designers for crap T.V soaps like eastenders, coronation street emmadale hollyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....sorry must of fallen asleep( tactically on the Zed or Zee button) on my keyboard due to shear boredom of just even thinking about them. Anyway, in films that are in HD everything is going to have to extra inspected to ensure no stains on the costumes or dandruff on the costumes, no random bits on the sets, stars will have to make sure that they've had a wash, rid them selves of spots, zits also any skin conditions sorted. Films will have the same issues, if not more, more to worry due to the fact of special effects, considering things like: latex, explosions, wires, CGI, ( Oh my god, get CGI wrong on a film especially when its in HD and the whole film could be ruined for ever) Also HD could show up more camera crew and equipment in reflections, differenceses in props, vehicles, if you're lucky you may be able to see some cables hanging around. The other big problem is as I've mentioned before sets need to be spick and span. If it's a dirty film, as in in a cave, tunnel research lab, then additional dirt will have to be added, or else possibly just possibly, it'll just look like another set..

      Now we get to the fun bit games, for you maybe, not for the developers. They spend most of their time doing Cut Scenes and Full Motion Videos Or Computer Generated Imagery the ( using their latest or someone elses' state of the art software and machinery) just to have the player go "skip". Don't worry though it's only months( could be years) and all the animation, modelling for the game. People wonder why developers are idol with their stories (maybe some are just idle... ) anyway, with all this new HD stuff around developers need to work harder on walls,doors, floors, sky, characters, vehicles, weapons, giving them better texture, physics and partical effects and sound (music,speech and effects) But while you are wizzing round killing bad guys you don't really get the time to admire at the grass swaying, walls dripping ,crumbling and sliding appart. You say "oh, that's brillant graphics" "Never seen a game like" (Good for you! appriciation at last) "Now, lets swap it for another one" (oh!...) And because they are working on higher spec machines, you're going to need one too. Theres more to it than you think.The technical wizards work very hard to bring you the best. They get shouted at, drink about 200 cups a day and hold their eyes open with matches to stay awake. They even possibly paint their eyes to look awake. (could this be why there are bugs and glitches in games) When they sleep they are still working... for what? you to cheat, skip, to say the games crap, you to throw a tantrom because you lost on a level or two or many and complain its too hard ( and then your 6 year old sister comes in and wipes the floor with the game and laughs in your face. ha ha!-include rasberry) it also gets you to get your mates together, lets your girlfriend release her anger, gives mum or dad, whoever... a break. They may re-use certain area, places, worlds, as they've possibly spent so much time on creating and ironing out bug glitches it would be a crime to only use it the once. Or they are just being awkward...
      All im saying is just appreciate and admire what they have do. For you in glorious (3D) High Definition.
      The same goes for CGI and model making.

      And now for even more fun 3D TV and I go Ha ha ha. aha! ahaha! ahahaha hahaha!
      Ha ha ha. aha! ahaha! ahahaha! hahaha! Ha ha ha!. Aha ahaha ahahaha hahaha. Ha! It will fall on it's flatscreen plasma or LCD face like it was set up by the ill trained staff members at Currys. Why will it fail, I hear you say? because it's a fad, the new in, it's a trend. It'll end up being over used. "Coming soon adverts, in amazing 3D, How Clean is your house in 3D, Life of grime 3D , Come Dine With Me 3D, Wife Swap 3D, Inside Out 3D, The Biggest Loser 3D, Gok Wan3D Kill It Cook It Eat It 3D Good Morning 3D with Phil and Fern watch your soaps in now not so amazing 3D. Watch sport in 3D" Hold on there's a thought; Sport in 3D... see all the action of 3D Hi Def footie players kicking the ball around sweating like no tomorrow, awkwardly placed cameras set in places in which some others wouldn't like to see, guys gobbing in neon green on the pitch. Also coming soon Cage fighting Swimming, Tennis, athletics in glorious (3D) High Definition.
      Sick of seeing 3D this, 3D that? You will be. It's like when you listen to a song over and over or watch a movie over and over you get sick of seeing it, you get bored. And that's what it's going to be like, you'll see it in the paper in 3D, on your TV in 3D, on the radio with 3D sound. I haven't even told you the worse part... prolonged use will damaged your eyes. Some frightning thoughts for some and delightful thoughts for others. Everyone is different they have likes and dislike, dont be a sheep, life is not a flock. but follow me on my website and Twitter, or not, you can say no at any point in any situation the choice is up to you, and not a lot of people know that they have a choice. Have you ever heard someone be called weird or have you yourself been called weird? Take it as a compliment, it's a sign that you're an idividual and that's what we need more individual in this world it makes the world more interesting place to live) The only thing 3D will be good is the Nintendo 3DS (no stupid glasses needed!) and 3D is good for a day out at the cinema.

      Monday, 23 August 2010

      The biggest problem the world has is greed, and it's due to greed that we all don't get on. If someone has something that someone else wants it leads to jealousy and most of the time leads to theft or burgulry and people been left very upset. And the fact that thieves (believe it or not) don't have a heart, they just take. They try to justify it by saying "I'm homeless" "I've got no food" "I have got children" "I'm in serious debt" or possibly worst of all they have an addiction to drugs or alchohol.To steal for that reason is still classed as being greed as it's not actually essensial. I'm sure some may have a heart and be considerate may actually be true but to steal in the first place is a bad thing in its self.

      Life is tough, I know, like I've mentioned before, reiki, meditation, humourous stuff like comedies, lots of feel good stuff.  find an alternative way of coping. find friends , good ones ones who will be patient Get out there find help there's plenty of help out there for them, they've just got to find it ,start looking for assistance on finding a home, organising benefits. What they don't think of is the item(s) that have been taken may have come from a relative that passed on and the item(s) may be the only thing(s) that they have left.

      It's not just people, companies are just at fault, instead of charging a minimal ammount they charge over the odds for things such as water, gas, electric, insurance, food etc. Materialistic things such as CDs and DVDs and electrical items which are made cheaply are made extremely expensive to the consumer. And when people can't pay they get into debt, then warnings come through, then threats with court cost, then threats with bailiffs, people get upset because they are trying to  pay other companies like gas electric water insurance (personal, home, contents, car, pet) and this leads to stress, depression and anxiety which leads to people taking it out on the nearest person/people they can find which leads to people commiting crime. Fact is due to greed it lead people into this sort of thing and the amazing thing is companies don't care, they act like they do because they've been trained to deal with customers this way. when they go home they're like "no longer my problem"
      The other problem that we have is obesity. to be fair there are conditions, like prader willi syndrmo in which the person eats a lot  but never feels full, and there is comfort eating ( which can be considered as another form of self harm) but that can be cause by the above and family issues may be caused by the above or personal issuses.This could be also generic or learned. but what gets up my nose is when people say the just love food. these people are eating for about 3 people especially in times like this when people are struggleing to feed themselves. food companies are just as bad as they are giving us smaller food products for a higher price. it's the same with heinz soup anyone remember when it was 49p now it's about £1.00

      A very good tutor taurt me about something that was only to be considered in my stories, but it ended up playing a big part in my life. It's called Action and Reaction similar to For every action there's a Consequence.Think about this; "how can I encourage people not to be greedy?" If you don't have what someone else has got; save up for it, wait for it to drop in price, who knows, maybe when you get great friends they may offer you the things (that they don't either use or want any longer) you've been looking for (be clean! ha ha!) for a nice reasonable price without worrying whether its stolen or not .

      Simply try not to be greedy; and encourage those around you not to be either and the world will go around alot more smoother...

      Saturday, 14 August 2010

      New Developement Needed!

      About modern games I would love for the developers to realize that we are not all geniuses and that we don't have the brain of about 10 people. What I'm getting at is; there I am enjoying a good game, then all of a sudden I come across a puzzle, that is quite illogical (that's how it seems) and this stops me from continuing an enjoyable game. I try many times but fail miserably, I then give up and try again later...still same thing happens. I'm really stuck. or It's a timed event (not Quick Time Events as they're actually fun) "yes, let's give the players a few seconds to get to the next check point not realising that things get in the way; walls, water, 'stupid idiotic people' characters on skateboards who get stuck in corners and keep rebounding, enemies that seem invincible even in war games (enemies should be smart not invincible).

      What's that? If you are stuck call our hotline, check our website send us a text? I thought games were supposed be like playing a film, the full movie experience. You know what? when you hire or buy a film, if you don't understand where its going, or you don't understand it, just give the company a call, they may give you a clue, a hint and welcome you to follow them and they'll send you promotions, compotitions and maybe some free gifts.

      The interactive movies on Segas Mega CD were much better exercuted, me and my brother spent nights trying to work out where the Oges were coming in from in Night Trap (you had to trap enough of them to continue) and you had to protect the women from them spy on the residents to find the access code (and cleverly this kept changing everytime you played)

      I was enjoying Strangle hold (18 cert blood, very violence, drugs and language) the story was there the action the distruction things that smashed and fell enermies that were defeated were left on the ground which was great but the I cam across with the part with the helicopter the there were bad guys with laser cannons first there was one then three then five while others were firing at the helicopter which you have to keep an eye on the life gauge. even the so called Tequila time is pretty much useless. A bit too much? I really think so! Good game just that part at the moment poorly executed part in my opinion.
      The game Wet (18 cert lots of blood, drugs, strong violence and language) is sooooooo much better than Stanglehold ( it's like playing Kill Bill and thats why I wanted to play it great film) Graphics; are great the action and acrobatics is fantastic music; brilliant stylizing: beautiful especilly when she gets blood in her eyes and the screen sort of go a blacky red whiteish cel shaded (in a cool way) and all in all lots going on in an again cool way. All in all, a well designed game. Just rememeber as with most violent games folks its just a game. Parents, these games are not to be played by children!

      Now it's more about action where is the story and thought? It's rush, rush "let's give the gamer what they want now!" and as a result games that come out are shodily done eg may look nice, but lacks story or playability or replayability. remember Shenmue 1+2? Deliberately slow, but the story interactivity with charaters is fantastic environments and music beautiful action (when needed) great, QTEs done very differently, cause havoc by missing certain buttons and the other characters will tell you about it later. Each time you played it was different, the weather changed, there were different people everytime you went into the street, different reactions depending on what they were doing, eg before work-after work, after the pub etc.
      I know above seems like small reviews but it the best way I can explain what I'm on about. with Golden Eye you could play it numourous number of times under different conditions to unlock fun things, replayability!
      Where did played to death go where people played the games over and over again until the disk broke. now it's play complete get rid of. All hard work of developers for more or less for nothing.